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Frequently Asked Questions

You can compose a variety of messages, including job offers, interview invitations, follow-up emails, candidate outreach messages, and more, across Email, LinkedIn InMail, SMS Text, and Social Posts.

These templates provide a straightforward structure for creating attention-grabbing messages. As we'll demonstrate, you can effectively lay the groundwork for the relationship before sending your initial InMail message by using a personalized connection request and email follow-up in the first two steps.

Using Al for email composition in recruitment saves time, ensures consistent messaging, enhances personalization, and increases response rates. It helps recruiters engage effectively with candidates across multiple channels.

Tailoring messages to individual candidates is essential for engagement, but it can be time-consuming when dealing with a large candidate pool. It automates the process of composing emails, LinkedIn InMail messages, SMS texts, and social media posts. Recruiters can save hours previously spent manually crafting messages. This means you can reach out to more candidates in less time, ensuring you don't miss out on top talent.

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